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Thank you for the music

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

What gets you through the working day? Myself and my husband are both self-employed and work from home a lot. We have to work In separate rooms as when he writes (he is a journalist) he likes silence whereas I have background noise all the time. I‘ve always got a podcast playing or I might be listening to music. I find music a real help as it can really have an impact on my mood, it can make me sad, help me feel energised, put a spring my step, motivate me, help me relax, it really is a mood changer.

A while ago I decided to embrace my love of music by signing up for singing lessons. I was inspired by watching my little boy. He will frequently burst into song, start dancing or decide to skip down the road. Seeing him behave like this made wonder when do we stop just doing things just because we love the doing as opposed to doing something because there was an end goal? That is how I ended up in singing lessons once a fortnight as it was something I loved doing as a child and would happily belt out a solo in a school play without hesitation.

I absolutely love the lessons and learning how to use my voice in a powerful way, it helps me relax, has improved my breathing and gives me some much needed time for myself when I don’t think about work, being a parent, my to do list or anything else.

With my love of music in mind I thought I would share with you my motivational playlist which is an eclectic mix of music I love. If you fancy it you can have a listen here.

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