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Once upon a time...

Lady peeps over magazine

…there was a girl called Becky who could always be found with her head in a book or wandering round a library or book shop.  An avid story lover she loved all stories, the happy ones, the sad ones, the romantic ones, the ones that make her laugh and especially those that made her go “ooohhhh that’s interesting I must tell everybody”

Another thing about Becky was that her school reports always said she talked too much (except in English which she adored). She would argue that she talked so much because she loved people, understanding them and finding out what makes them tick.  The teachers didn’t agree but it all turned out ok as if you haven’t guessed, Becky is me and it is the love of talking, people and stories that led me to the world of PR.

I studied journalism at university and upon graduating started my career working for a busy national press agency.  It came as a bit of a shock to discover that I really disliked it.

All was not lost though as I decided to explore what it was, I DID love about journalism which was writing, hearing people's stories, and helping and empowering them through sharing their words, thoughts, and ideas and with this in mind I entered the world of public relations.

Seven years ago after 13 years working in PR across a number of industries, I decided that I wanted to use the skills I had gained in those big organisations to help charities, SME’s and smaller business owners like you.  I want to help you to raise your profile and get seen.  You may not believe me but there is no reason that a business just like yours can’t be seen on the pages of the same publications as your global competitors, be talked about by your peers and be wowing people with amazing blog content  and influencer engagement. No matter what the size of your business it is possible.

 Trust me, with more than 40 years of being a chatterbox and over 20 in PR I’ve got this covered.

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