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Your PR doesn't have to feel like Groundhog Day

Tuesday was officially Groundhog Day in America and Canada, which is when they celebrate the groundhog emerging from its burrow. If you’ve seen the early 90’s film with Bill Murray it’s where he has to live the same day over and over again which I am sure something that lockdown life has made more relatable to all of us.

Whilst life may have become a bit of a Groundhog Day your PR doesn’t have to. The release you have written and sent out hasn’t had any uptake, but don’t feel disheartened there may be a way to repurpose the content so that you still get value from it.

· Use the topic as part of your social media updates. PR isn’t just about media coverage it is about talking to your potential clients and customers wherever they are, so make sure that the content you thought was newsworthy is spread far and wide.

· Blog. On the same note use the story as part of your blog and/or newsletter

· If you have tried to send the piece out as a news story there might be the possibility of changing the tone (not the story) and put it forward for different type of pieces:

o Opinion piece – Does your story relate to something current? Do you have a strong opinion on that thing then you could speak to your favourite publications about doing an opinion piece? It will need to be timely and you’ll need to be fast as it needs to be relevant.

o First person piece – Write about an experience that you have had

o Feature – Would something about your story make a good feature or could you be the expert that gives comment on somebody else’s feature.

It is ok to approach different publications with different angles.

Writing a winning press release is something that is covered in my online course Making PR Work for You. For more PR tips, guest interviews, offers and discounts signup to the Beck and Call PR newsletter here

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