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You've got a radio interview, now what?

This week I’m going to talk about a much-overlooked form of media…. radio. Very often when people think of getting media coverage radio, especially local radio is treated like the poor relation, but it is such a great way to get your message across, you’ve a captive audience and it’s often live so your messages won’t be edited. Imagine you’ve sent out a killer press release or pitch to some radio stations and they have invited you in for a chat what now? Here are some tips on getting prepared for your moment of fame on the airwaves.

· If you’ve been invited into the studio arrive on time. Radio shows run to a tight schedule, if you’re late and make things run behind, you might lose your slot and you definitely won’t be invited back.

· Be prepared. Think of three key things that you really want to get across), these could be things like your company name, what products, or service you offer, your website. If you’re fundraising, you will want to tell people how they can donate to your appeal.

· What do you want people to do? If you’re trying to raise awareness getting your company name across may be enough but if you want more people to visit your website, tell them that, if you want them to come to your event let them know you want to see them there and how they can get tickets, you have a special offer for them advise them how they can take advantage of it. Basically, whatever it is you want the listener to do tell them.

· Speak clearly, don’t rush, you want people to hear what you’ve got to say.

· Be enthusiastic, people can’t see your facial expressions, so you need to use your voice to express how passionate you are about what you’re talking about

· Don’t take notes or a script in with you. Radio mics pick up everything and the last thing you want is to be overshadowed by the rustling of paper.

· Stay on point. Try not to go off on tangents. Your time is limited so you want to make the most of it.

· People buy from people so if there is an opportunity to tell a little bit of a story to illustrate a point then by all means do.

· Finally, relax and enjoy the moment.

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