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What is PR?

One thing I get asked a lot is "What is PR?" "What do you do?" After more than 20 years in the industry I'm not even sure my mum yet understands my work. Rather than getting technical I thought that instead I would share a poem I wrote the other year which explains what PR is and what I do. Hint it isn't as glamorous as some people think.

Do people have any misconceptions about your work and what are they?

What's PR they ask me What do you do, they say? Do you go to lots of fancy parties? Do you drink champagne all day? If only I answered mildly I wish I said with a sigh Most of the time, I'm working hard Telling the world your offer is a good buy I write a lot of releases I help you find the right words I'll get to the bottom of your story And help you stand out from the herd I'll get you heard on the radio, In magazines, social, blogs, and TV I get you interviewed by the people that matter And how great you are, they'll all see I'll help you pitch your services And find stories where you thought there were none I'll enable you to free up some time As you'll know, your publicity is done I'll talk to the journos for you I'll help you see what's on trend I'll give you the confidence to share your truth But my questions may drive you round the bend So that's what I do I tell you So that's what you do, they say On an evening there aren't many parties But sometimes I sip champagne anyway.

Rebecca Slater is a PR Consultant with more than 20 years public relations experience. She is based in Staffordshire and provides support to businesses all over the country.

Find out more at or email

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