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Schools back let’s get pitching

September always feels like a fresh start to me. I think it goes back to my school days, new shoes, new pencil cases, new bag etc. Now I have a child after the 6 weeks holidays it feels like a time to get back on track and start afresh. If you’re feeling the same here are details of things that are happening in September and where you should be pitching.


For the month

World Alzheimer’s Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

5th International Day of Charity

8th International Literacy Day

10th World Suicide Prevention Day

13th Roald Dahl Day

16th Working Parents Day

18th – First Love Day

19th – 25th – Recycling Week

24th Punctuation Day

30th– International Podcast Day


Understanding the difference between long and short lead media and how to pitch accordingly is a topic I’ve already covered.

Traditionally, ‘Short Lead’ has a turnaround of about 4-8 weeks from pitching, editing, and publishing whereas ‘Long Lead’ follows a much longer timescale of anywhere from 3 – 6 months


31st October – Halloween

26th -30th November – Black Friday Weekend

24th – 26th December – Christmas Eve, Day, and Boxing Day

31st December – New Year’s Eve

As per my previous pitching post the short lead recommendation for September is Christmas. There is no getting away from the fact that we are now in the final quarter, and it is fast approaching but there is still time to pitch and plan for some amazing coverage. Many publications put their gift guides together months in advance but there will still be those looking for last minute product submissions. Plus, don’t forget regional publications seasonal events and local products are a staple for them.


1st January – New Year’s Day

16th January – Blue Monday

14th February – Valentine’s Day

It may seem like an age away in September, but when it comes to long leads now is the time to be focusing on 2023 January. The beginning of the year is sometimes seen as a bleak period in certain industries but with effective planning you could start the year with some great media coverage especially (but not limited to) if your business specialises in health, wellness, or fitness.

Rebecca Slater is a PR Consultant with more than 20 years public relations experience. She is based in Staffordshire and provides support to businesses all over the country.

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