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What not to do this quarter

It seems everyone I'm speaking to (myself included) has had their plans for 2021 thrown out by the latest twist in the Coronacoaster and are struggling with fatigue as we come out of this most recent (and last fingers crossed) lockdown.

I'm guessing you’ve been overwhelmed by posts and blogs sharing goal setting tips for how to ramp up your biz for Q2?

Well, I know you don't want or need another one of those so instead I'm sharing 3 things NOT to do this year:

#1: Don't set yourself business goals for the year

When I work with my 1:1 clients we focus on 90 day sprints. Why? Well, just think: how much has your business evolved from where you thought it would be this time last year (nothing like a pandemic to throw you a curveball, amirite?)

Don't waste your time plotting out a perfectly planned year. Instead, focus on the year broken into 3 month chunks.

You'll find 3 months is long enough for you to be able to implement larger projects but not so long that you lack urgency to actually get it done as you have so long to tackle it.

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#2: Don't set resolutions you can't keep

Set yourself a resolution to show up on every platform daily?

Ok, so showing up on Insta every day is definitely going to benefit you, but if you're currently lucky to post once a week, it's unlikely to happen with longevity. And then you're just going to feel rubbish and even less likely to get consistently visible.

I'm a firm believer in setting intentions and themes rather than goals so that you don't end up feeling crappy when you can't keep up with your resolution.

So, instead of resolutions, set yourself intentions:

● Perhaps the intention to show up consistently.

● Maybe the intention to finally add some processes and automation to your business workflows.

● Or the intention to prioritise your business: commit that working on it and growing it is as important to you as client work.

#3: Don't try to pretend 2020 didn't happen

I know there were probably parts of 2020 you're glad to send to the depths of your memory never to be mentioned again.

But, there are some golden nuggets in there that, if you're savvy, can have a positive impact on your 2021 business planning.

● Which service/product shone brightly as the one that clients loved? How are you supersizing, improving and building on that this year?

● Which blogs/posts/articles/podcasts/emails resonated the most with your audience? Are you building more of those into your content plan for this year?

● What did you achieve last year that didn't seem possible at the beginning of the year? Make a note of it to look back on when you're having a down-in-the-dumps day.

So, here’s a challenge for you:

☑️ Do you know what you want to achieve by the end of March? (Set no more than 3 goals)

☑️ Do you have a couple of intentions that you can work towards to guide how you want 2021 to be?

☑️ Have you looked at your Best Bits of 2020 and thought about how you can weave them into 2021?

And don't forget...

I'm here to help you nail 2021 and set up the strategy and systems you need to step your business up a gear so that you’re not working all the hours to fulfil your dreams.

Whether you need a hand in finally being consistently visible, or you need to bring some process into your biz but have no idea where to start, I'm here to help.

If you’d love to get weekly tips, tools and techniques to work smarter, be productive and get visible, click here.

You can find me on Instagram here - I’d love you to head over and let me know if this blog was helpful to you?

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