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Making your PR dreams come true

Have you ever sat down and thought about what your biggest dreams are whether that be for business in your personal life or just overall? Maybe you want to climb Mount Everest, or you want to grow your business and be bringing in a certain amount of money each perhaps you just dream of the day your kids can get dressed without you having to ask them 3564 times.

When clients come to me most of them have the dream of wanting to be seen and heard by perspective customers and clients. My job is to help them dig out their story and then create that story into something that is of interest to their relevant audience whether that be influencers, their local paper or a high-end glossy.

If that sounds like one of your dreams, then here are a few tips on how you can start to make it a reality:

Be You

Don’t try and be something you’re not. If you’re quite reserved and calm be that. If you’re chatty and laid back, be that. People buy from people, so whether you’re posting on social media, talking to the media, or giving a talk just be you. If people like your product or service that is brilliant but if they like you as well even better. This means you will stay in their mind so even if they don’t need what you have to offer right at this moment, they will remember you when they do or when they come across somebody who needs what you have to offer.

Find your story

I say this all the time. Everybody, every business has a story, I can’t stress this enough. Small business and charity stories are part of the reason I became self-employed. I’d attend networking events on behalf of big businesses that I was working for and here all these small businesses sharing their stories and yet they weren’t always making the most of them. So if you do nothing else find your story, what made you start your business? What key events have happened in your life? What is it that when you mentioned to people really piques their interest? I know a lot of small businesses doubt their story but trust me there is one in there you just sometimes need help digging it out.

Look for opportunities

Become the expert on your industry. If a paper or magazine has written something about your area of expertise get in touch, give them a new angle, or add to what they have already said. If something related to your industry is trending on social, get involved with the conversation. Show up on your favourite social media channels, listen to the radio, read the publications that you would love to be in, so you know what they like to write about and who writes about it.

Learn how to write a media release

Some journalists receive 100’s of emails and press releases a day, so make sure yours stands out. In the first paragraph get to the crux of the point by telling them exactly what it is you are contacting them about, include who, what, where , why, when, and how. Include additional detail further down and a quote. Also send over good quality images and be available to answer any questions.

So, there you have it a brief overview of how you can get your business seen and heard by the right people. If you need more help, then there are lots of ways that I can help you. If you’re looking for on-going PR support, why not book a free 30-minute discovery call with me to establish what you need and how I can help. Alternatively if you have an idea or need help finding your true business story book in for a 75 - minute Discovery Call I’d be happy to help you develop your story into something the media want to write about and the public want to talk about. Or take my online course Making PR Work for You which explores all the things outlined above in more detail and includes a 60 minute follow up call with yours truly.

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