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Top 10 PR Tips

Whether your business is big or small the public relations process stays the same. This week I share with you my top tips for doing PR for your business.

1.Key Messages Identify three short, key messages about your brand that will build the basis of your public relations and marketing. Everything you then do should be in line with those messages. This will help keep you consistent and on brand.

2. Brand Values Be clear and transparent about your product or service then make sure that how you run your business – not just your marketing, reflects that. Make sure your business lives and breathes your brand values.

3. There’s only one you Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Be Yourself – everyone else is already taken’. This is true in day-to-day life and in business. Be authentic and true to yourself. You don’t have to do things in the same way as your competitors. Do things your way and the right clients and customers will find you. Think laterally and stand out from the crowd.

4. Build Media List Research and record details of key media contacts relating to your industry e.g., if your company sells beauty products to consumers, you’re going to want the details of beauty editors on the glossy mags like Red and Grazia as well as the beauty writers from local and national papers and supplements. If you have a strong back story you might also want to look at features writers as well and you’ll ‘trade’ list as well. Remember to include the relevant freelance journalists.

5. Understand Journalists This is a tricky one, I’m married to a journalist, and I don’t understand him but from a work point of view it is a bit simpler. Get to know your target journalists. Find out what they are planning, what they want to know about and how they like to receive the information. Follow them on Twitter, respond quickly to relevant requests they might post. Your chances of coverage will be increased if you’re providing quality useful content.

Invite those that are interested in visits to events you are holding and offer tours, interviews, and photo opportunities (Covid restrictions allowing). Chat with them about mutual interests – if you promise something to a journalist, deliver!

6. PR is not just coverage PR isn’t all about getting seen in print or heard on the radio. For the best results create an integrated public relations programmes that embraces lots of different activities to engage with your public. Think newsletters, community sponsorship, promotions, stakeholder engagement and face to face customer activity.

7. Get heard Get your message across by offering to speak at events. Public speaking can be nerve wracking, but it is an effective way of communicating and shows the person behind the brand. Use it as an opportunity to let people see your passion for what you do.

8. Share News and Expertise Write blogs for your company website and invite guest bloggers to contribute.

9. Social Media Engagement If your customers are to be found on social media, target the relevant ones, and communicate with them regularly. Social is an are an excellent way of reaching a large number of people for free and a brilliant opportunity to share behind the scenes info and let your personality shine. Remember people buy from people.

10. Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Talk to people! My school report always mentioned how I treated school like a social occasion because I was always chatting. Annoying for the teachers but in business it is a positive. Talk to your suppliers, your friends, your relatives, your binman, anybody who will listen – tell them about the wonderful things your company does. And of course, ask your clients for testimonials as they are priceless.


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