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A small business gift guide

Last week over on Instagram I was talking about how this year due to lockdown, coronavirus all those things I didn’t want to really be supporting Jeff Bezos and his billions this Christmas and so I was looking for recommendations for great small businesses that I could support this Christmas by buying gifts through them.

The response was amazing. I was blown away by the sense of community. So many people suggested their favourite companies and I have had a look through them all and there are some great products out there from small businesses.

So in the true Christmas Fairy style I have compiled a list of them and their website, so you don’t have to. You can thank me later.

Where I have used the company myself, I have put a brief description of what they offer and for the others I have tried to put them into categories as best I could. So, happy shopping.

I thought I would start with some companies that I love personally.

Tandem Green great place for cards and gifts for kids including writing and drawing sets and outdoor activity spinners

The Cake Spa amazing cakes and biscuits. Currently taking pre-orders for festive biscuit/cookie decorating kits

This is Silk selling beautiful silk products including pillowcases, the 2020 must have accessory face masks, eye masks, hair wraps and my favourite silk cleansing cloths. The cloths have revolutionised my skincare routine and have improved my skin greatly. They are always adding new products and colourways to their range so check them out.

Simply Noir a beautifully curated market place for black owned businesses. Showcasing nearly 40 brands selling everything from items for the home to things to feed your belly.

BoDot Clothing I have just purchased one of these tops for my sons birthday which is coming up. It is great quality and I love the concept. “Each BoDot item has a pocket with a patch inside - give the patch a kiss, spray it with your scent, write a message

on it. . .. whatever you do with your patch, your little one can keep it with them all day and know you are thinking of them.” How gorgeous is that.

Love EMVY Sell leather and vegan bags, purses, wallets and accessories, some of which can be personalised. I have a couple of things from them myself which I love. If you head over to their website and sign up, you will get 10% off your first order.

Another Fox This is another place where I have ordered something for my son’s birthday and also purchased something for a friends new-born. They create gorgeous unisex clothing for ages 0 to 7. The products are vegan friendly and plastic waste free.

My final company suggestion is specifically for those of you who have friends that work from home (which in 2020 is probably most of us). A subscription to the fabulous, The Homeworker magazine which is always filled with brilliant interviews and great advice for managing self-employed and/or life working from home

So, those are my personal recommendations and below are all the suggestions that I received on my Instagram post


Glod store (soy wax candles) -

Happy by Harper find over on Instagram at

Row Pinto

Cherrelle and Cheryl Candles

Winter Bear Home

House of kato

Onome Otite

Birds and Dandelions


A Pocketful of Books

This is Book Love

Hoxton Mini Press

Design for Today

Thea Chops Books

Moon Lane Books

Children’s Book Club

Gifts and clothing for Men and/or women

Captain Fawcett

Maya Njie Perfumes

Milk and Mustard Too

CocoBean Giftbox


Raising Ravers

Little Wise Toys

Momma’s Munchkins

Isla and Fraser

Food and Drink

Hello Sailor Gin

Peace and Riot

Fiona’s Cake Boutique


Studio Nelle

Kath Whyley

Beau Tie UK

Jane Mitchell-Finch

Sophia Dissanayake Design

Sasps designs

Thea Smartt Henry

Olivia J Holland

Rockahoot hair accessories

Happy shopping

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