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Strategic PR Tactics for Service Businesses

Understanding the Importance of PR for Service Businesses

Public relations plays a crucial role in the success of service businesses. It involves managing the reputation and communication of a company to build trust and establish a positive image in the market. Some believe that business services PR is very difficult but it is actually the same as any other PR and is about making sure that the business is getting seen in the places that their audience is.

Having an effective PR strategy will  allow a service business to differentiate itself from competitors, establish credibility, and showcase the expertise of its industry

Crafting a Compelling Brand Story

The first step for every service business is to establish their brand story.  A brand story is greater than a mission statement or a tagline, it is a narrative that connects with potential clients and service users on an emotional level and communicates what the business stands for.

To create a strong brand story a service business should focus on its core values, the problems it solves for clients, and the positive impact it will have in their business and they shouldn’t forget to let people know what makes them different from their competitors.  With a strong brand story, a business can gain the attention of its target audience, build trust, and build a memorable brand identity.

Utilising Social Media for PR Outreach

Social media platforms are great for reaching a wider audience.  I’ve mentioned in previous blokes how it is important to use the platforms that your audience used and it is the same for service businesses.  If a business knows that potential clients are on Linkedin then that’s where the business needs to be posting its success stories, client wins, testimonials, and so on.  At the same time if the clients are on Facebook they should head over there.  

When it comes to influencers there is no reason service businesses can’t get involved with working with them. Working with influencers can amplify efforts and can enable a service business to tap into a larger audience and benefit from their followers' trust and loyalty.

Building Relationships with Industry Leaders

Building relationships with industry leaders is an effective PR strategy for service businesses. Industry leaders are normally well respected in their field so forming 

Some of the ways of connecting with industry leaders include connecting with them on social media.  They could consider hosting industry events and webinars and inviting leaders to speak.  They also shouldn’t forget networking as a way of connecting.

Measuring PR Success and Adjusting Strategies

As in previous posts about PR strategy, it is important that service businesses measure the effectiveness of the strategies they have implemented.  As with my previous post, there are a few low-cost methods for measuring impact:

  • Is the coverage positive/neutral or negative?

  • How relevant is the publication to the business (e.g. is it something the target market will be reading)?

  • If the call to action has been to visit our website or call etc has there been a correlation between an increase in web traffic or calls when the piece went live?

  • What is social media engagement like?

  • What is the reach/circulation of the publication?

  • Do the pieces include the brand's key messages?

Once the impact has been evaluated the business can adapt its strategies and approaches accordingly.

Rebecca Slater is a PR Consultant with more than 20 years of public relations experience. She is based in Staffordshire and provides support to businesses all over the country.

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