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Stories Matter

Every person and business has a story.  A story about  who they are, what makes them unique and  how their product or service came to fruition.  But for a lot of people they haven’t quite worked out which part of their story is the showstopper, the new client grabber, the headline maker.  That is where I can help.


I’m Becky a freelance public relations consultant based in Staffordshire. I have worked in PR for 20 years across a wide range of industries including; entertainment, retail, charity, recruitment and even classic car insurance (at a time when I had never driven a car in my life), so I really can turn my skills to anything. 
Now I am a bit more focused and specialise charity and consumer PR for small businesses, especially those in the retail, events, and lifestyle sectors.   Helping you get your brand story out there through media coverage, events, brilliant campaign ideas and blogs
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