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Where to pitch in April

The clocks have changed, Spring as sprung and we’ve entered our second quarter, which is hopefully full of plans and a great opportunity to get really stuck into your PR. If you need help knowing where to pitch you’ve come to the right place. Here are some key April dates and places to pitch.

Key Awareness Dates

These are great for creating relevant social media content and if relevant to your business can be used to create media opportunities for your business.

Stress Awareness Month

1st April Fool’s Day

4th Tell a lie day

7th World Health Day

9th Easter Sunday

14th Look up at the sky day

15th World Art Day

21st Creativity and Innovation Day

22nd Earth Day

23rd St George’s Day

27th Tell a Story Day

30th Honesty Day

Last Minute

My last minute suggestion is perfect got those businesses in the sustainability space and it is Earth Day which is on 22nd April. This year’s theme is a continuation of last years theme ‘Invest in our Planet’ and designed to persuade businesses, governments and citizens around the world of the need to invest in our planet to improve our environment. Perhaps your business has a B Corporation status or you’re making conscious efforts to reduce your carbon emissions. Alternatively, if your brand has not been so environmentally inclined in its messaging in the past, then Earth Day is an ideal time to make some impactful commitments. I should think that you’ll soon see some journalist requests #journorequest for sustainable products and expert comments coming up soon.


Understanding the difference between long and short lead media and how to pitch accordingly is a topic I’ve already covered. To keep it succinct, the key to differentiating between the two is in the name! ‘Short Lead’ has a turnaround of about 4-8 weeks from pitching, editing, and publishing whereas ‘Long Lead’ follows a much longer timescale of anywhere from 3 – 6 months.

Short Lead

Looking ahead Father’s day is on Sunday 18th June and is a date that any of you reading this who have retail businesses shouldn’t overlook. In recent years the spending on Father’s Day has increased with it peaking in 2021 at £951 million. If you’ve got a product that fits the market or can be tailored and targeted to father figures, now is your time to shine.

Example Short Lead Forward Features:

Weekly magazine product pages e.g. ‘Shopping’ – normally these include including home, beauty, technology, fashion, and food & drink products. With prices and stockists. (Leadtime: ASAP – 6 weeks)

National paper weekly column: might include topical news and events. (Leadtime: ASAP – 2 weeks)

Long Lead

Now’s the time April is the optimal time to start pitching for summer trends, products, and experiences in long-lead titles. Publications will also most likely be looking for fashion, homeware and lifestyle products for broader themes and features, so be flexible and have those samples and high-resolution images ready and on hand.

Example Long Lead Forward Features:

‘Beauty Pages’ – product pages: pick of the best new beauty products. With prices and stockists. (Leadtime: 3 – 4 months)

National fitness publication – product pages: based on a particular theme, with prices and stockists. (Leadtime: 2 – 3 months)

That’s April in a nutshell let me know how you get on and if you need any help get in touch.

Rebecca Slater is a PR Consultant with more than 20 years public relations experience. She is based in Staffordshire and provides support to businesses all over the country.

Find out more at or email

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