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PR Pitches during the month of love

As we exit what feels like the longest month of the year and transition into the shortest, the month that is meant to be filled with romance, hearts and flowers it’s time to look at where you should be pitching.  Hopefully you have some PR and marketing plans in place for 2024 now.


LGBT History Month, Raynaud’s Awareness Month,

1st February - Time to talk day (talk about mental health)

4th February - World Cancer Day

5th-11th February - Children’s mental health awareness week

9th February - National pizza day

12th February- Half term starts

13th February - Galentines Day/Shrove Tuesday (pancake day)

14th February - Valentines Day

13th-19th February -Random act of kindness week

17th February - Random act of kindness day

18th February - National drink wine day

29th February - Leap year 


Most of the big publications will have already secured all of their Valentine’s content but if you’ve got great Valentine’s items don’t be disheartened there may still be some opportunities in the regional papers and online.   Keep an eye on Twitter using the hashtag #journorequest.  Make sure you have releases and good images ready to go to make it easy for the journalist.  There is also Random Acts of Kindness week/day if you’re business has a product or story that fits the theme now’s your time to shine.


Understanding the difference between long and short lead media and how to pitch accordingly is a topic I’ve already covered.

 ‘Short Lead’ has a turnaround of about 4-8 weeks from pitching, editing, and publishing whereas ‘Long Lead’ follows a much longer timescale of anywhere from 3 – 6 months. 


My recommendation for short leads is to focus on Mother’s Day which is on Sunday 10th March.  There will still be a number of major publications that are accepting submissions for their Mother’s Day gift guides.  Think about what your business can offer for Mother’s Day is it a product, an offer e.g. mum’s eat free, breaks away etc. What would appeal to your local audience is their another local business that you could collaborate with to create a product, offer or event. 

Maybe you have a great mother related story.  Did becoming a mum inspire your business?  As a mum did you find a gap in the market and create something that you thought other mums would need?  

If you have a health business get pitching those products and top tips as 11th -17th March is  Nutrition and Hydration week.

Also for coaches, those  working in the self-care space it is Stress Awareness month in April and Mental Health Awareness Day starts on 15th May.


Looking to the future there are lots of things on the horizon.  Father’s Day on the 16th June gives you similar opportunities to Mother’s Day.  If you have a product or service that can be tailored specifically to father figures then get planning.  On another note, June 20th is World Refugee Day, if you actively support refugees in your community for example, you’re a charity or a business that volunteers with refugees or helps in some way then now is the time to let people know about what you are doing. 

There is also men's health week 10th -16th June

Rebecca Slater is a PR Consultant with more than 20 years public relations experience. She is based in Staffordshire and provides support to businesses all over the country.

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