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To niche or not to niche?

My background in PR is vast. You name a sector or industry and I have probably done PR in it from bras to cars to meat packaging (I don’t eat meat), recruitment and charity I’ve covered a lot. I’ve toured the country with a double decker bus full of lingerie, stood for many a long hour at classic car shows and spent lots of time with families with seriously ill children. I’ve told people why X is the best recruitment company in the country and made sure CEO’s can get across the positive when the news isn’t all good. Even with all this experience behind me when I started Beck and Call PR, I didn’t think about what I wanted to focus on.

I think like a lot of people going solo for the first time my main focus was getting clients and making sure I had work to do. I thought more about the need to build a business and having an income than what industries I had enjoyed working in and why.

I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing as it gave me new experiences and skills and it also clarified for me the areas that I love working in and enabled me to decide what areas I wanted to focus on.

The year or so of working with an array of different types of clients cemented for me that my passions lay in a few areas:

· Retail

· Wellbeing

· Charity

How did I know these were the areas I wanted to focus on? Well because when I work with clients in these areas my head would be buzzing with ideas, I’m excited to get up and work. Plus, they are things I enjoy in my day-to-day life (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I love shopping, exercise, meditation and volunteering) so it seemed only natural that these would be the areas that would make work not feel like work.

Since focusing on my areas of interest I have worked with yoga companies, beauty retailers, quirky brands

and some fabulous charities. Knowing where my strengths enables me to target those I want to work with better, build a great portfolio as doing work I love creates better results and it makes work less work like.

Do you have niche areas that you work in or do you enjoy mixing it up a bit? How do you find this method benefits your business?

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