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How did I get here?

As this is my first blog in years I thought I would start by giving you a bit of background about me and what led me into the world of PR.

When I was growing up, I didn’t dream having a career in PR, if I am honest, I didn’t know such a thing existed other than in the world of Absolutely Fabulous. Jobs I did know existed and dreamed of included:

Becoming a nun (I was about 8) – not because I was particularly religious but because I had a kid crush on Captain von Trapp from The Sound of Music.

A writer. I always had my head in a book, Famous Five when I was a kid but by the time I was a teen it was all about Forever by Judy Bloom (does anybody remember that?), Just 17 and More magazine (I feel these references are giving my age away)

A heart and a lung surgeon (I was 11) – turns out I was ok at science not good enough and a bit too squeamish to be a surgeon

In the end after realising there were no dashing captains waiting to sweep me off my feet and that dissecting a pigs heart filled me with nausea I decided that I wanted to be a journalist so headed off to university to do my degree.

I loved journalism until the point that I graduated and got an actual job in a newsroom and realised it wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the intrusiveness, the fact you were expected to knock on people’s doors at bad times in their lives and I didn’t enjoy the newsroom atmosphere (shouty with a lot of testosterone). After only a year I had a rethink and decided I still wanted to write, and I wanted to speak to people and hear their stories and that led me to the world of PR.

20 years later and I still love it. I love hearing what makes people tick, how they got to where they are, why they need help and helping them share that story. Whether it is working with a charity, getting a small business seen, helping people promote the work they are doing I enjoy it. I still get the same buzz when an event goes well, or I see a client in print or hear them on the radio as I did when I started out.

What do you love about your work?

I look forward to hearing from you. Find out more about what I do by following me on Instagram or email

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