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10 ways PR can help your small business

As a small business time and resources can be limited. We sometimes have to make decisions about where we are going to invest that time and money to see the best return whether in terms of income or creating a working life that fits with your lifestyle. Many small businesses avoid PR normally due to one of the following things:

  • They don’t know what PR is and how it will benefit them. If this is you read my PR or not to PR blog which explains it all.

  • They don’t know what their story is.

  • They don’t think they can get seen in the same space as big competitors – this isn’t true with a strong story and a bit of work small businesses can get coverage in the big publications, but also bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to be in mass publications or platforms to make an impact and get results.

  • Finally, they don’t understand how PR can help their business.

If the last point sounds like you here are 10 ways PR can benefit your company.

1. It’s cost effective

A press release is a fraction of the cost of an advertisement and can often only be the cost of a call or email to the right person.

2. Raises awareness

PR lets people know that you exist and what you offer. The more people see or hear about your business the more likely it is that you will spring to mind when they require your services.

3. Can improve your reputation

Everybody has an opinion about companies they encounter whether it be staff, customers, suppliers, or investors. Having somebody work with you on your PR will allow you to manage your reputation.

4. It’s good for your bottom line

PR is less expensive than advertising and the benefits of PR can be much more substantial. One good media placement can lead to a substantial increase in sales and growth, and because many small businesses have a unique story to tell, they are interesting to the media.

5. Build brand values

Every business has messages they want to convey to their customers about their product, the type of business they are and who they are. Public relations is ideal for communicating these and, over time, helping you build a loyal customer base.

6. Gaining credibility

Great PR can give your business credibility. A positive endorsement from a third party in the form of a news story generates much more credibility than an advertisement.

7. Builds online reputation

In a world where more and more news is online, PR can help build your online reputation and improve your SEO. Once the positive press is online, there it will stay, meaning that whenever anybody searches for you, they find stories about you. Your business will reap the benefits.

8. Supports other marketing and advertising activities

PR is a great way of supporting your other marketing activities. By integrating all your marketing you can ensure that consistent messages are being delivered. If you are running an advert this will probably see an increase in people searching for information about your company, so it can help to have some positive informative articles out there

9. Can assist in a crisis

No business wants to be in a crisis but if it does happen PR can help turn it around and ensure that you get the right messages out to the public, staff, and your stakeholders.

10. Help you achieve your business goals

Whether your goals are to increase sales or to raise your profile, PR can help you achieve them.

If you want to find out more about doing your own PR then take a look at my Making PR Work for You course or if you want to find out how I can help your business then drop me an email at or visit my website and book a free Discovery Call

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